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  • Step 01
    If you are thinking to study abroad and especially in Japan,, get genuine counselling from experts as well as collect details information about study, work & live in Japan
  • Step 02
    Start to study the Japanese Language.
  • Step 03
    prepare the application to select the particular college, which is provided through the college & submits them to the respective college.
  • Step 04

    College Interview:

    The interview is conducted face-to-face either physical or via SNS.

  • Step 05

    Preparation of the Application for CEO.

    a) For the applicant
    • School's application forms
    • Personal records
    • Resons to study in Japan
    • Statement of pledge
    • Academic Documents(Character, Transcript, Provisional)
    • Language certificate (Japanese language about 150 hrs.)
    • Japanese Language ability test certificate if you have
    • A copy of the passport
    • Running / Experience letter.
    • Photos (3cmx4cm) should have been taken recently
    • Birth Verification Certificate
    b) For the financial sponsor
    • Copy of Identification
    • Letter of financial supporter
    • Relationship certificate (Between Applicant & Sponsor)
    • Annual income Certificate(the last 3 years)
    • Occupation and Tax clearance Certificate.
    • Bank balance certificate with the 3 years statement.
  • Step 06

    Checking the documents application for CEO and verifying as per necessary by us and the school of Japan

  • Step 07

    Submit all the necessary documents of COE to the respective immigration service bureau of Japan

  • Step 08

    Generally, the Japan Immigration service bureau announce the results of

    (April admission) by February of the year

    (July admission) by May of the year

    (October admission) by August of the year

    (January admission) by December of the previous year

  • Step 09

    After getting the COE, prepare a No Objection letter from the Ministry of Education, Then deposit the college fee (Entrance fee, tution fee, textbook fee, admission fee & other expenses) as soon as possible.

  • Step 010

    Prepare the necessary Documents for Visa Application & Visa Apply at the local Japanese Embessy

  • Step 011

    After receiving tha visa from the embassy of Japan then pre-departure perparation to enter japan.

  • Step 012

    After entering Japan, Attend the enrollment ceremony, Orientation & regular classes as well as prepare the necessary stuff for the dormitory.

  • Step 013

    Start Study, Work & Live in Japan