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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a popular English proficiency test which helps to determine the ability of the candidate to write, read, speak and listen in English. PTE is a computer-based language proficiency exam. It is compulsory a computer-based exam so candidate don’t have the option of choosing a paper- based exam. It is widely accepted among different university across the globe. PTE is a popular English language proficiency test in Nepal because it is not too long and as it is a computer-based exam, candidate can apply various tricks and tips to increase some marks. PTE score is graded in a scale of 10-90.

Why PTE?

Most of the universities and institution international students apply compulsorily require an English proficiency test to be shown in order to determine whether the student is capable to communicating, studying in English. Among various English proficiency test, PTE is one of the most popular one because it is accepted by most of the universities in the country with English as its native language. It’s shows your level of familiarity with English language and in order to study in some countries, you must be able to show high level of English language. PTE gives the host idea about the individuals total level of English as it includes various tests like listening, reading, writing and speaking. Most of the institutions in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand accept PTE as proficiency test. PTE scores are valid for up to two years after taking the exam. Meaning even if you are not ready to apply for abroad study at the moment, you can give the PTE test which will make the applying process easier for the future.

Different tests in PTE

Tests taken by both IELTS and PTE is same as in both PTE and IELTS, there is presence of reading, writing, listening and speaking tests. PTE takes these different tests to determine the overall ability of the candidate to be able to understand and communicate in English. The different tests that fall under PTE are:

Reading: for determining factor for the candidate’s ability to read different English phrases and articles and seeing whether they can understand author’s opinions and take out the main ideas and information from the text.

Writing: for showing the candidates ability to write in English with proper grammar and also their ability to put together the ideas in an organized manner.

Listening: for displaying the candidate’s capacity to understand different things, ideas and opinion in English which will help to communicate not just by sharing views but by sharing emotions.

Speaking: for showing whether the person can communicate in English, present their ideas, views and opinions to others and not have trouble displaying their information.

These are the main fields which PTE focuses on and the fields in which the tests occur. Candidate should be able to get the required marks as an average of all these tests in order to be capable for getting admitted to institution and getting student Visa.

When and where to take PTE exam

PTE exam is conducted every week in Kathmandu. PTE exam take place throughout the year so that there isn’t a problem for the students who are willing to take the test during their academic year and apply for foreign studies right after the exam ends. There are places across the country where students can take PTE tests. Places like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Tilottama, and Pokhara have the centers for giving PTE exam so that student can conveniently give exam without having to travel across the country to give exam.

Registration for PTE exam

Students can register for a PTE exam online directly from the Pearson website. The steps that are to be followed to register for PTE exam are:

1. Open the Pearson PTE website.

2. Register for an account there.

3. Find the most suitable center from where you can give your exam.

4. Book your exam by selecting the preferred date.

Cost of PTE Academic examination in Nepal is NPR 25000. In case of change of plans one can cancel or reschedule their appointment. But it is suggested to do it as soon as possible because you’ll get the most refunds the earlier you cancel your test.

PTE eligibility score

In order to get into your desired university or college you must be able to get the score desired by that university or college. There are no any fixed passing marks of PTE exam because different institutions require different scores so the marks that need to be obtained depends on the desired country and university. Most of the good university and colleges require a score of 65-75 but a lot of colleges accept a score anywhere between 50-63 so it is taken as a good score. The age limit to take PTE exam is 16- year-old. So, any candidate willing to take PTE exam should be 16-year-old in order to be eligible to give PTE exam. Candidate do not have any restriction on the number of attempts they have to give the exam. It they’re not satisfied with their result, they can give their exam again until they get satisfactory results.

Quick facts

PTE exam is one of the most popular English language proficiency tests which is accepted by over many countries including USA, Australia, Canada, etc. PTE test is taken by students who’re not living in a country with English as native language and it is required for employment, studies and work in different countries. PTE test determines the overall ability of the candidate to be familiar with English language and their ability to be able to communicate and share their views and opinions in it. PTE exam is pretty similar to IELTS exam as both are English proficiency tests and in both tests factors like listening, reading, writing and speaking play major role. The scoring system in PTE is also pretty much similar. Some students might prefer PTE over IELTS because it is a computer-based exam so students can give the exam without having to face the difficultly of giving an exam in a strict and fearful environment.