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Intermediate Japanese Language(N4)

The N4 level is designed for learners who have a basic understanding of Japanese and can understand and use everyday expressions and basic grammar structures. At the N4 level, test-takers are expected to know around 1,500+ basic Japanese words and more complex grammar structures than N5. They should also be able to read and write around 300+ kanji characters.

By the completion of the program, students will makes prificient in the intermediate Japanese level of the language as well as alloe to converse using the language. Students will be able to understand intermediate sentences, conversation, vocabulary, verbs, reading, writing, listenning, command over kanji, grammar concepts & particles as well as comprehension passages that help them understand Japanese to a greater extent.

Our teaching aids like video presentations, audio tools, flashcards as well as popular techniques & lesson explanation material. Students are also provided N4 sample papers and audion training support.