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Begineer Japanese Language(N5)

The N5 level of the Japanese Language Course is designed for bwginners who don't have a basic knowlodge of Japanese Language. At this level student's are expected to know around 800+ basic Japanese words and basic grammar structures. They should alos be able to rerad and write hiragana, katakana, and 100+ kanji Characters. using

The course makes you proficient in the basic Japanese level of the language, allowing you to converse using the language, and easity talk about everyday things. Passing the N5 level is quivalent to demonstrating Japapese language proficiency at a basic level and is a good starting point for those who want to study or work in Japan.

At the commencement of the program, students will be able to read and write basic Japanese on a day-today basic. Introduce themselves, Greet people in Japanese, common phrases, sentence structure, Vocabulary, verbs and their carious forms, past, future & negative forms including basic grammar rules & concepts such as adjectives, etc.

Our teaching aids likes video presentations, audio tools, flashcards as well as popular techniques such as conversation kits, verbal techniques & lession explanation material.